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About Us

Sibee Records was founded in 2007 as a cheaper alternative to PRS and PPL licence fees. It was felt that it was time people had a choice.

A Sibee licence grants you permission to play any of the music from our catalogue, for the benefit of your staff, customers and visitors, without the need for a PPL PRS Ltd's licence

A Sibee music licence is valid for 12 months. There is no obligation to renew the licence after the initial 12 months, although if you wish to continue to play Sibee music and continue to avoid paying PPL PRS Ltd beyond its expiry date you would need to renew your licence. We will contact you shortly before your licence is due to expire, inviting you to renew it should you so wish.

If your Sibee membership is one that doesn't grant full access to the member's area and from there full access to the whole catalogue of music, there is no obligation to purchase further music from the Sibee catalogue following your initial purchase. If however you did decide to add to your Sibee music collection, your Sibee licence would automatically cover the playing of it in the licenced premises for as long as a valid Sibee licence is held. And if you were to purchase 5 albums or more at the time of renewal, your licence would be renewed for a further 12 months free of charge.

If during the year your circumstances change and you decided to start playing PPL PRS Ltd's controlled music, there is no need to inform us of this, we will update your status when renewal would have been due.

Whilst placing an order with us, the checkout process will collect all of the information required for your licence. There is also a 'customer notes' section, where you can leave us a note with your order informing us of any special circumstances or additional information you think we may need.

If you are ordering digital downloads, your download links will normally arrive within 24 hours. Please check your junk mail.

Orders for CD's and physical certificates will normally arrive within 3-7 working days.

With your order you will receive:

  • Your license / certificate for public performance at the specified premises.
  • For new customers: an additional copy of your licence with a covering letter addressed to PPL PRS Ltd attached. You simply sign this and pop them in the post. The letter is merely a courtesy, to inform PPL PRS Ltd that you will no longer be playing their music and that you are now a member of Sibee
  • A receipted invoice for your accounts
  • And of course, your music. 

If you have any more questions about Sibee Records please don't hesitate to ask, you can contact us by clicking the 'Contact' link in the top menu throughout the site.