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And never have to pay PPL PRS Ltd ever again!

Membership options

Annual with full music
catalogue access
Annual with minimal music

This gives you:

1) On-going access to the Sibee member's area
where you can listen to samples of any album in the catalogue and download as many albums
as you wish, at any time, with no additional charge. (CD's are also available at £3.00 each)

2) Your business premises licenced for public
performance of all music in the Sibee catalogue.

3) A personalised letter, created by us from your
business, addressed to PPL PRS Ltd with a copy of your Sibee music licence attached.
This letter advises that organisation that
you are now with Sibee and no longer require
their licence.

4) A nice certificate, with gold seal for display.

Cost: £119.00

Free licence with 5 album purchase

Purchase 5 albums and automatically receive a 12 month licence for public performance in your premises, plus items 2 & 3 described to the left.
Select your 5 albums HERE and check out as normal.

Cost is £89.75

If you require CDs click on the 'CD link at the top of the page and add 5 CDs to your shopping cart before checking out.

At renewal time options area:

1) Purchase 5 albums again to trigger a free 12 month licence for public performance, as above.

2) If you do not require any fiurther music simply renew your licence only HERE

Choice is

a) Digital licence sent via email cost £80.00

b) Posted certificate for display £80.00 + £3.00 p&p

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